April Reads: First Ladies and Presidential Races

Hello, readers and writers alike. It’s been a while since my last post, but unlike in previous months, that spells good things for my writing, not simple laziness. I’ve been writing for Blasting News, learning new things for my journalism career, and working on the second draft of my book. But more on that later. I’ve also been reading. I had planned to read four books this month, but that was before I discovered the gargantuan size of the first two. Each was nearly 500…Continue Reading “April Reads: First Ladies and Presidential Races”

March Reads: Cozy Mysteries, Suffragettes, and a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Happy Friday, readers and writers alike! Another month is coming to an end in the next few days, and I am… hopeful. These past few months, I’d beaten myself up on that last day because I hadn’t written all that I’d wanted to write. Though that’s the case this month – I didn’t get through a lot of my monthly or quarterly goals, and even this week I neglected to write a promised post on writing outdoors (it’s coming) – I have been pursuing… good…Continue Reading “March Reads: Cozy Mysteries, Suffragettes, and a Galaxy Far, Far Away”

3 Books I Read This February

Recently, I wrote a guest post on Kayla King’s website, Kayla King’s Books, about reading for fun rather than reading for writing. As I was looking it over a few days ago, I realized something: this was the first month I read through a solid number of books, for fun or otherwise, in a long time. I think it should be celebrated, when we read, especially when we finish a full-length work. Given our busy lives and writing schedules (that, if I’m not alone, we consistently…Continue Reading “3 Books I Read This February”