March Reads: Cozy Mysteries, Suffragettes, and a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Happy Friday, readers and writers alike! Another month is coming to an end in the next few days, and I am… hopeful. These past few months, I’d beaten myself up on that last day because I hadn’t written all that I’d wanted to write. Though that’s the case this month – I didn’t get through a lot of my monthly or quarterly goals, and even this week I neglected to write a promised post on writing outdoors (it’s coming) – I have been pursuing… good…Continue Reading “March Reads: Cozy Mysteries, Suffragettes, and a Galaxy Far, Far Away”

3 Books I Read This February

Recently, I wrote a guest post on Kayla King’s website, Kayla King’s Books, about reading for fun rather than reading for writing. As I was looking it over a few days ago, I realized something: this was the first month I read through a solid number of books, for fun or otherwise, in a long time. I think it should be celebrated, when we read, especially when we finish a full-length work. Given our busy lives and writing schedules (that, if I’m not alone, we consistently…Continue Reading “3 Books I Read This February”