The Task

NDM Hospitality sought a Social Media Specialist to join its marketing team. The person in the role would plan, implement and monitor the social media strategy of several resorts managed by the company in order to increase brand awareness and increase sales.

The Work

In July 2021, I accepted the position and began managing the social media platforms for Encore Resort at Reunion, The Bear’s Den Resort Orlando, Spectrum Resort Orlando, and the Islands of Islamorada in the Florida Keys. I have utilized every feature of Instagram and Facebook in my posting, and I post a mixture of fun, entertaining content and informative content designed to nurture a future sale by enticing social media users to follow a link to the webpages of my brands.


Since I began managing the Facebook page for Encore Resort, the page has maintained an engagement rate of 3.54%, well above the industry standard. The Instagram page for The Islands of Islamorada has seen a 1% engagement rate, within the industry standard, with individual posts rising above that rate. I attribute these results to the caption copy of the posts, the compelling visual elements attached, post timing, and the use of interactive features.


Encore Resort: 6% engagement rate

Encore Resort: 9% engagement rate

The Islands of Islamorada: 3% engagement rate

The Islands of Islamorada: 1.3% engagement rate