March Madness: Thirty Days of Writing Like Crazy

Hello, hello, hello, and Happy Friday to all. Today was supposed to be my first installment of Flash Fiction Friday, a segment that would happen, as the name suggests, every Friday, and would consist, also as the name suggests, of a short fiction piece written by yours truly. I was pretty excited about it this week, and rearing to move forward with it this morning, but… So, I’m taking a beat on that. Instead, I’d like to discuss a little thing called March Madness. No,…Continue Reading “March Madness: Thirty Days of Writing Like Crazy”

Month in Review: February

Oh, February, February, February… isn’t this the “unlucky” month? I guess it’s a good thing it’s only 28 days long… As we are just one day shy of the end of this month, I wanted to provide a recap of my writing progress… or lack thereof. In February, I’d set out to: Lock down what this year’s novel will be Finish essay on college friendship Write 8 posts for A Writer’s Life For Me Write four guest posts, at least two paid So, let’s see:…Continue Reading “Month in Review: February”

3 Books I Read This February

Recently, I wrote a guest post on Kayla King’s website, Kayla King’s Books, about reading for fun rather than reading for writing. As I was looking it over a few days ago, I realized something: this was the first month I read through a solid number of books, for fun or otherwise, in a long time. I think it should be celebrated, when we read, especially when we finish a full-length work. Given our busy lives and writing schedules (that, if I’m not alone, we consistently…Continue Reading “3 Books I Read This February”

Coming Down From Writing Stress

To say this has been a bad writing week would be, well, an understatement. In fact, this is the first time I’ve opened a word document all week with any intent to write something other than a quick note for a WIP. No research for my novel. No guest post (I was going to submit one today). No writing for my essay (which I was supposed to finish a first draft of TODAY). I can’t blame work, or personal life, or even a good TV…Continue Reading “Coming Down From Writing Stress”

Creating Space For Your Creative Self- A Guest Post By Sarah Foil

When I first started writing, I could write anywhere. I wrote on the bus, in bed, at school, at home, on vacation, anywhere and everywhere I could. I find though as I get older that it’s harder and harder for me to find the right spot to really let my inspiration flow. I’ll have a hot moment in a coffee shop where I can pound out ten thousand words in a day, or I can sit in that same spot all day and only write…Continue Reading “Creating Space For Your Creative Self- A Guest Post By Sarah Foil”

Special Moments: An Atypical Response to a Typical Question

  Today I want to talk about a special moment, because similar ones can be as infrequent or common as we allow. I’ve had days when the most special moment I had was when the vending machine I bought a snack from dropped two candy bars for the price of one, or when a ladybug landed on my shoulder and granted me one wish (I wish for a book deal). But then there are those special moments that seem to the outside viewer a normal…Continue Reading “Special Moments: An Atypical Response to a Typical Question”

Age, Success, and the Foreseeable Future

And we have entered month two of 2018, or, to me, the first official month of the year. January has always seemed like a toss away month, right? Thirty-one days to get out all the funk from last year, then we can begin fresh on February 1st. January is when things start. February is when they happen. Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 23. 23. It’s funny, since I was a kid I’ve always had a very clear idea of where I would be when…Continue Reading “Age, Success, and the Foreseeable Future”

Month in Review: January

We have reached the penultimate day of January 2018, folks. In case you’re wondering, I do love the word penultimate. I remember reading it in a Series of Unfortunate Events book many moons ago, and just relishing the texture of the word as it rolled off my tongue. Penultimate… penultimate… Anyway, moving on. As I’ve said, I set a number of writing goals for myself this month, because this year is about making and sticking to plans, not wishy-washily stating some resolutions. Those planned goals…Continue Reading “Month in Review: January”

On Typewriters (Or, How I Got Mine)

There aren’t many “things” in the world that get me too excited. I hate shopping. I hate spending money on “stuff.” I’m much more of the “build memories” with experiences, rather than items I can display. I’m a minimalist, and I like what I have to serve a purpose in my life. There are exceptions, of course. Ever heard of Funko Pops? I’ve got a few of those, gifts from my boyfriend mostly – he likes to build my strong female character collection. But for…Continue Reading “On Typewriters (Or, How I Got Mine)”

How I Work When I’m Not “Working”

A few weeks ago, I talked about my decision to make plans instead of resolutions this year. I made some lofty goals New Year’s Day, including finishing a novel by December and submitting a short piece of writing to publishers every quarter, and since then I’ve been working out how to break those goals into manageable chunks week by week. My plan for today is to make surface edits to a short story I wrote last year and to figure out what is going on…Continue Reading “How I Work When I’m Not “Working””