April Reads: First Ladies and Presidential Races

Hello, readers and writers alike. It’s been a while since my last post, but unlike in previous months, that spells good things for my writing, not simple laziness. I’ve been writing for Blasting News, learning new things for my journalism career, and working on the second draft of my book. But more on that later.… Continue reading

March Reads: Cozy Mysteries, Suffragettes, and a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Happy Friday, readers and writers alike! Another month is coming to an end in the next few days, and I am… hopeful. These past few months, I’d beaten myself up on that last day because I hadn’t written all that I’d wanted to write. Though that’s the case this month – I didn’t get through… Continue reading

5 Things I Want To Do More Often In My Writing Life

Good morning to all the writers in the world (or, at least, in my tiny corner of the blogosphere). Today is a sunny, beautiful day to get up and make things happen! Or, write a post while in bed… Since Monday, I have committed myself to doing the things I listed less often, though their… Continue reading

5 Things I Want To Do Less Often In My Writing Life

Good afternoon, writers. Today has been… well, a day. Nothing happened to make it “a day,” I’ve just been so supremely lazy. Mondays, right? Maybe the time change has me in a funk, maybe I’m just in a rut, but here I am, typing this up while on break at work, because I couldn’t drag… Continue reading

Lessons from a Prose Class (Or, What I Learned in Writing School IS…)

At the end of my first official prose writing class in college, I took away two things I wanted to do with my writing. Be bold, and Be mysterious. The first thing was decided after I read a short story for the class, titled A Real Doll. It is a story about a teenage boy… Continue reading

5 Qualities That Make Me ‘Ship a Fictional Couple

A quick glance at the forecast will tell us spring is definitely here, and with the arrival of spring, there is something in the air… That’s right: Pollen. It’s everywhere: on cars, on walls, in my nose. It washes off with the rain, sure, but then it gathers together in the streams of water like… Continue reading