April Reads: First Ladies and Presidential Races

Hello, readers and writers alike. It’s been a while since my last post, but unlike in previous months, that spells good things for my writing, not simple laziness. I’ve been writing for Blasting News, learning new things for my journalism career, and working on the second draft of my book. But more on that later. I’ve also been reading. I had planned to read four books this month, but that was before I discovered the gargantuan size of the first two. Each was nearly 500…Continue Reading “April Reads: First Ladies and Presidential Races”

Next Steps for a Second Draft

A little over three months ago, I laid out a carefully constructed timeline for 2018 that would end with at least four publications and a finished novel. As of last week, I was to have had a finished short story/essay and a first draft, hot off the press, ready for my editing eyes. If you read my post on Tuesday, well, you know how that turned out. But, onwards and upwards! As they say; I do indeed have a first draft to edit this next…Continue Reading “Next Steps for a Second Draft”

Month in Review: March

  Well, here we are, once again. Another month has come and gone, and we are a quarter of the way through 2018. Which means I don’t have to just address my failure to complete my monthly goals but also my failure to complete my quarterly goals. But don’t think I’m down in the dumps just yet… My goals for March were: Write first draft of novel Write 11 posts for A Writer’s Life For Me Fix Writer’s Life layout Find Writer’s Life affiliates Write…Continue Reading “Month in Review: March”

March Reads: Cozy Mysteries, Suffragettes, and a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Happy Friday, readers and writers alike! Another month is coming to an end in the next few days, and I am… hopeful. These past few months, I’d beaten myself up on that last day because I hadn’t written all that I’d wanted to write. Though that’s the case this month – I didn’t get through a lot of my monthly or quarterly goals, and even this week I neglected to write a promised post on writing outdoors (it’s coming) – I have been pursuing… good…Continue Reading “March Reads: Cozy Mysteries, Suffragettes, and a Galaxy Far, Far Away”

5 Things I Want To Do More Often In My Writing Life

Good morning to all the writers in the world (or, at least, in my tiny corner of the blogosphere). Today is a sunny, beautiful day to get up and make things happen! Or, write a post while in bed… Since Monday, I have committed myself to doing the things I listed less often, though their draw still lingers. Pressing snooze, for one. Though I pushed it less today than yesterday, I still kept delaying pulling the covers off. But it’s all a process, and if…Continue Reading “5 Things I Want To Do More Often In My Writing Life”

5 Things I Want To Do Less Often In My Writing Life

Good afternoon, writers. Today has been… well, a day. Nothing happened to make it “a day,” I’ve just been so supremely lazy. Mondays, right? Maybe the time change has me in a funk, maybe I’m just in a rut, but here I am, typing this up while on break at work, because I couldn’t drag myself to my laptop to write it earlier. Ironically, the topic of today’s post is the five things I want to do less often, in terms of furthering (or in…Continue Reading “5 Things I Want To Do Less Often In My Writing Life”

Flash Fiction Friday: Released

Hello, writers, and Happy Friday to all! I hope everyone who has a full length, polished work participated in Pitmad yesterday. I myself did not learn about it until the morning of, but I sent out my pitches and will see what happens! If you did not know about Pitmad before just now, here is more information, and you can look for the next date in April. Now, onwards and upwards. Today is Friday, and last week I had planned on posting my first Flash…Continue Reading “Flash Fiction Friday: Released”

Lessons from a Prose Class (Or, What I Learned in Writing School IS…)

At the end of my first official prose writing class in college, I took away two things I wanted to do with my writing. Be bold, and Be mysterious. The first thing was decided after I read a short story for the class, titled A Real Doll. It is a story about a teenage boy who, um, has a relationship with a Barbie doll. A relationship of the between-the-sheets sort. I hated that story. After reading it I was tormented for weeks, and even now,…Continue Reading “Lessons from a Prose Class (Or, What I Learned in Writing School IS…)”

5 Qualities That Make Me ‘Ship a Fictional Couple

A quick glance at the forecast will tell us spring is definitely here, and with the arrival of spring, there is something in the air… That’s right: Pollen. It’s everywhere: on cars, on walls, in my nose. It washes off with the rain, sure, but then it gathers together in the streams of water like some toxic waste in a sci-fi movie. It’s gross, but such is life. Flowers will bloom because of it. Honey will sit on millions of breakfast tables around the world….Continue Reading “5 Qualities That Make Me ‘Ship a Fictional Couple”