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As much as I hate the habit, the first thing I do when I wake up is reach for my phone. Like a siren call, social media beckons: Instagram, Facebook, and, ugh, Twitter. Useful tools, for sure, but they do slow you up, don’t they?

A few months ago, in an effort to redirect my attention first thing in the A.M. from tweets and posts to content with more substance, I signed up for a few newsletters to start my day. My favorite of these, by far, has been Morning Brew. Morning Brew is a daily email that covers the latest business-related news in the world; I stumbled across it because of, what else, social media, and on a whim I signed up.

Readers, it has changed my life. 

Now, you might be thinking, “Business news? That sounds like a snore-fest to us creatives.” Au contraire. Morning Brew’s witty and conversational tone helps even the least business-minded stay up to date on information regarding the economy, and the short articles are a nice way to ease into a new day. 

But that’s not all. Morning Brew has specifically helped me grow as a writer, and not just because reading about the bleak economic outlook has scared me into trying to write bestselling novels. The Brew has many features that are useful tools for creatives, and four specifically have helped my writing life:

The Morning Brew Style Blog

Grammar. It’s up there with spelling as being the bane of many a writer’s existence. But unlike with spelling, correction software doesn’t often catch the minuscule mistakes in sentence structure. 

That’s why the Morning Brew Style Blog has been a godsend. Brew writer Eliza Carter has tackled proper apostrophe and comma usage, correct word choice, which kind of dash to use in a sentence, and more. Fun fact, I learned the difference between em-dashes and en-dashes because of one of her articles, and that info has utterly changed my life. 

Like the Morning Brew newsletters, Eliza’s blog posts are funny and light while still being informative and helpful. I highly recommend checking her posts out if you’ve ever wondered where to place a comma or if you’ve ever dreaded writing lay or lie because you can’t remember which to use. Or, if you just want a refresher on all the stuff we hated learning about in English class, the style blog is for you.

Brew’s Bookshelf

Books be the food of writing (or something like that). Morning Brew began recommending books in its newsletters every other Thursday back in March. As many of us slipped into quarantine, the Brew knew we needed something to keep us occupied, and, let’s face it, reading is often a better use of our time than Netflix. 

While many to most of the Brew’s recommended reads are for the more business-minded, there are several suggestions that writers can make use of. Deep Work by Cal Newport offers tips and rules to focus while achieving success. Pivot by Jenny Blake details strategies for people looking to make changes in their work lives (any other career switchers out there?). And Dreyer’s English: An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style—do I need to even say why that’s essential for writers?

And any one of the books on the Brew’s Bookshelf would be an interesting read, from memoirs about Silicon Valley newbies to books chronicling the biggest financial scandals in the world. You never know what might spark your next great idea. 

Morning Brew’s other newsletters

Morning Brew is like the NCIS of newsletters; the main one is still going strong, but it’s also spawned a number of enticing spinoffs. One short lived newsletter, The Turnout, arrived in my inbox every Tuesday, and it broke down the biggest stories at the intersection of politics and business. I was so sad to see it end prematurely, but I have high hopes it will one day return in some form or fashion. 

A relatively recent addition, Marketing Brew, sends out three times a week, and it discusses exactly what the title suggests. The newsletter includes articles about new products from brands, big and small; businesses’ ad campaigns; and tips and tools to improve your marketing skills. As someone looking to break into advertising—and marketing is a really sensible career choice for creatives, let’s be real—this newsletter has proved to be invaluable. I only wish it was daily, too….

Morning Brew has other children, like Retail Brew and Emerging Tech Brew, and it also recommends newsletters outside of its sphere. I signed up for GZERO Media’s Signal, a newsletter covering global politics, because of an article in the Brew, and it has made me oh so much smarter at virtual dinner parties. And you know it’s always fun to be the smartest person at the table. 

Brew merchandise 

I’m not one who typically obsesses over things, but when I’m in my creative space I need to surround myself with motivators, from the coffee mug I select each morning to the pens I use to mark up stories (there’s something about a red pen labeled “EDIT” that makes me more inclined to do so). And Morning Brew has no shortage of motivating things at its shop. 

I earned a pair of Morning Brew socks and a set of Morning Brew stickers after sharing my referral link to just about everyone I know. And when I put on those socks or look at the Rise & Grind sticker, the sight triggers the productive part of my brain and I am at least 10 percent more ready to tackle the day.

I’ve been eyeing the Brew’s Rise & Grind coffee mug for a while now, and the Brewneck sweatshirt looks super comfortable. And I can’t help but think that I will feel just that much more committed to my writing life if I have either….

So, have I convinced you? Morning Brew offers so much more than I’ve listed here, and the only way to find out if it’s for you is to start receiving the newsletter yourself. You can sign up through my referral link here

I have no doubt Morning Brew will assist you in all your creative endeavors! Happy writing! 

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