March Madness: Thirty Days of Writing Like Crazy

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Hello, hello, hello, and Happy Friday to all. Today was supposed to be my first installment of Flash Fiction Friday, a segment that would happen, as the name suggests, every Friday, and would consist, also as the name suggests, of a short fiction piece written by yours truly. I was pretty excited about it this week, and rearing to move forward with it this morning, but…


So, I’m taking a beat on that. Instead, I’d like to discuss a little thing called March Madness. No, not the college basketball playoffs. My own March Madness, with writing. There are no brackets, no games, just straight up, crazy quick writing in the next, oh, thirty days? Let me explain.

I mentioned on Tuesday that March is going to be the month that I start really treating my writing like a business. That means pitching articles and posts to websites that pay real money for content, but it also means upping the number of posts I write on A Writer’s Life For Me. That means three posts a week, instead of just two. That means focus, and discipline, and a host of things I have been supremely lacking in recently. This is also an invitation to anyone who wants to swap blog posts; I’d love to write a post for anyone’s website if you’ll do the same for mine (hey, maybe you’ve got something great for a Flash Fiction Friday).

I also said on Tuesday that I have landed on the novel I’m going to write this year, only a month before my self imposed deadline for the first draft (oh, yay, go me!) so I will be writing that like mad for the next thirty days. I won’t give out too many details about it (mainly because I don’t want to jinx myself into not doing it), but I will say it is a crime mystery, and I’m really excited and nervous to get to work on it.

As for the guest posts, I’m actually off to a good start. This morning I wrote and submitted a short essay to, and if you have any fun or interesting stories from college I definitely recommend submitting. If accepted, the site pays $100 for just 800 words that, I found, practically wrote themselves. If my essay is accepted, I’ll talk more about the process.

So, yeah. March Madness. It’s scary to think we’re already on month three of 2018, but I have high hopes that this is the month to get stuff done. And maybe next Friday I will have my first flash fiction ready, but it has been so long since I’ve written a short story; anyone have any tips on how to write a complete story in under 2,000 words? Happy writing!

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