Month in Review: February

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Oh, February, February, February… isn’t this the “unlucky” month? I guess it’s a good thing it’s only 28 days long…

As we are just one day shy of the end of this month, I wanted to provide a recap of my writing progress… or lack thereof.

In February, I’d set out to:

  1. Lock down what this year’s novel will be
  2. Finish essay on college friendship
  3. Write 8 posts for A Writer’s Life For Me
  4. Write four guest posts, at least two paid

So, let’s see: I did accomplish the first goal. I know what I am going to write this year (and so help me God if I change my mind again…). The second goal is a big, fat nope. I started that one on the first of February, and though I’ve made an outline and plenty of notes since, I have not finished even a first draft. For Writer’s Life, I wrote six posts, if I count the two guest posts living on other websites. And four, the four guest posts. Well, there’re the two previously mentioned, but though I pitched two articles to websites that pay money for writing, I have not heard back.

It’s been a busy month. Busy with life, work, and writing, even if I did not accomplish my goals. Case in point, today’s post is uploading so late in the day because I was called into work two hours before my usual shift, to a breaking news site. Unmet goals are frustrating, it’s true, but if I’ve learned anything frustration means nothing in terms of getting stuff done. I can want success in my writing life all day, but until I actually sit down at my laptop and put in the work, despite my job, despite distractions, I have no right to feel bad about how little I’ve done.

February is almost over, and we are a sixth of the way through 2018. Winter is ending, spring is coming, and new things are blossoming. March will be… well, I won’t say “the month,” because I don’t want to set myself up to only let myself down again. But it will be a big one. This is the month that I am going to actually try and make money from my writing. I hesitate to say that, and I don’t know why; I mean, though I love my job in news, I’d never do it for free, so why should I expect to write for free? This is my business, and I’m going to use March to treat it as one.

But anyway, that’s me. How did your writing go this month?

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