The Face Behind A Writer’s Life For Me

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For those readers who have been following this website since I first created it nearly five months ago, there may have been a general inquiry as to whether or not I had a head.

Well, you can all rest assured: I have a head (see above).

I’ve thought long and hard since September about whether I should reveal said head. I mean, below the neck is all good, but above? Come on now. It all came down to identity: Did I want there to be a face behind A Writer’s Life For Me?

My intention with this website and blog was, at first, to offer a general look at the lives of writers because there is, of course, more than one way to be one. I catch up now and then with a group of writers I graduated with, and we’re all doing different things. One writes for a newspaper. One is in law school. Another is applying to MFAs. One more is breaking into the publishing world. Scholars, teachers, journalists — we’re all going in different directions, but on a similar path to where we want to end up as creators. I wanted to capture that in this blog, when it was just an idea in my head. I wanted to showcase all the ways there are to be a writer, and offer my tips and tricks to the trade only as a supplemental piece.

That, of course, went out the window in my first few posts, when I spent an incredible amount of time talking about my specific experiences as a writer.

Since then, this blog has narrowed from the general to the more pointed experiences of my writer’s life. Because that’s what I know; I mean, was I really so lofty five months ago to presume I could be a… guiding light for other writers? I know me; I don’t know you.

I don’t know what your best writing space is (maybe you work best in several areas). I don’t know what writing tools will help you succeed in this craft. I don’t know whether you have the time or motivation to finish NaNoWriMo (I had neither). And I certainly don’t know whether this life is endgame for you, like it is for me. Writers come in different shapes and forms and with different levels of passion. “A writer’s life for me” doesn’t have to mean book deals and author status; it could mean a few scribbled paragraphs every morning, just to get your thoughts in order before you continue on with your life.

Here’s what a writer’s life means to me:

I write full-time. I’m not some millionaire writer (though that would be nice), but I am able to live comfortably. I produce at least one book a year. I write freelance articles about politics, pop culture, and writing. I meet other writers regularly. I attend expos. I love everything about it.

I want this blog to reflect that lifestyle, or the dream of that lifestyle, because it’s the only one I can truly claim to understand. And, I’ve kinda gone that way since the beginning of this, anyway (I mean, my tagline is “My writing journey and all of its obstacles”), but I want this site to be about my real self, and that means sharing who I am.

I am Holley. I am a writer. And this is my writing journey and all of its obstacles.

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