10 Writing Prompts To Kick the Monday Blues

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It’s Monday, and you know what that means: blues, blues, blues. Though Monday is technically my Saturday (I work weekends), I remember all too well that drag while getting ready for school or work early in the morning. Bonus points if the weather outside was gloomy itself, and all I’d wanted to do was curl under a blanket with a good book.

But Mondays also bring with them a sort of promise; the start of the work week opens up the next few days to opportunities and adventures, even little ones like learning something new or buying yourself a nice lunch.

Mondays have always been my best writing days, even before I had them off. You know that fitness mantra, “Never Skip a Monday”? Well, it works for anything. If you kill it doing what you love on a Monday, it keeps you going throughout the week. You set up the week for success because you’ve burst out of the gates at a sprint and with a fresh set of writing to put your name to.

Today I’ve written a list of writing prompts that I hope can help you burst out of that gate and kick the Monday Blues. So if you’re dragging today after emerging from the weekend, sitting in school or at work wondering if life would be better as a hermit in the mountains, maybe you can try out one of these to get those writing juices flowing and set up your week as a creative and fulfilling one:

  1. It’s the end of the world. Doomsday has arrived, and you’re a world leader. You have five minutes to deliver one last address to your country. What do you say? How do you comfort them?
  2. Three college friends are meeting for one last coffee date before graduation. What do they talk about? What problems are they facing as they get ready to embark on life outside of structured schooling?
  3. Your character is driving down a back road and stops at a light. Suddenly, their passenger door is opened and a person jumps in their car and order them to drive. Where do they go? Who is the person? Why does the driver comply?
  4. A grandmother is making soup. It’s a soup she’s made a thousand times but with different ingredients. Yet her grandchildren always say it tastes the same. Talk about that. What is it about grandma’s soup that makes it always taste like… ‘Grandma’s Soup’?
  5. Two characters share a smoke outside of a busy party or bar. One has never smoked a day in their life. What do they talk about? Why is the one character smoking?
  6. Describe your “dream” character. What do they like? What do they do? Are they a good person? Is anyone?
  7. Tattoos are painted scars. What kind of pain does your character’s tattoos describe?
  8. A controversial court case has shifted a town from its semblance of peace and simplicity. The two lawyers deliver their closing remarks to the jury. What do they say? What does the jury decide?
  9. It’s 3 a.m. and you’re at one of those 24-hour diners. What other kinds of characters are with you during the “Witching Hour”?
  10. What is love to you? What is bravery? What are these abstract qualities that have been written about and talked about for millennia to you?

Take five, ten, fifteen minutes and scribble something up from one or more of these. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but maybe one day you’ll want it to be.  

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