Hi there! I’m Holley Long, and this is my home on the internet. It’s a cozy space, and I try to make life as fun as possible for visitors—maybe I should put in a pool?

Some quick facts: I’m currently in the query trenches with a young adult supernatural novel, my second foray into the traditional publishing process. I used to be a digital journalist in Montgomery, Alabama, and now I’m a social media marketing specialist based in Orlando, Florida. My goal is to make a career out of storytelling and write words that inspire and excite.

Now for some quick links: if you’re curious about the trials and tribulations of the writing life (and need to commiserate) head to my blog; I’ve got tips and tricks for writers, interesting takes on pop culture, and some fun stories to share.

If you’re in need of writing that inspires and excites, and you think I might be the person to deliver said writing—but you’re still on the fence—check out my portfolio and see what words I’ve crafted for other folks.

And if you’ve stayed a minute, read my work, and decided you like me—yay!—go on and visit my Contact page for my social media and email info. I’d love to connect!

Happy writing!